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    About Lance

    California is my home.

    I’ve raised my family here and I know first-hand how challenging it is to navigate the state’s public education system. My wife and I are proud parents of five school aged children, with our oldest recently graduating high school and our youngest entering first grade.

    Our mission is simple: We want future generations to have the same opportunities that we have.

    California’s public education is broken and continues to get worse. However, there is hope. I believe that we can restore our schools and get this state back on track.

    I’m running for Superintendent of Public Instruction to empower parents, increase educational opportunities, and to fund students, not systems.

    I hope you’ll join me! Girl in a jacket

    What Lance Believes Schools Need

    We Need Change!

    Parents in Education

    Empower parents to make consequential decisions for their children’s education.

    Hold Schools Accountable

    Hold K-12 schools accountable in their responsibility to provide a constitutionally protected, high-quality public education.

    Greater Education Opportunities

    Allow a wide-range of options for educational opportunities where the money follows the student.