Lance Christensen for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Lance has been very active in all aspects of the education system for the last two decades.

After graduating from Brigham Young University (Utah) with a degree in English, Lance taught 4th grade as an educational assistant.

Lance also oversaw the budget of the newly formed Department of Juvenile Justice and helped develop Proposition 98 education funding for schools in the various juvenile correctional facilities, providing incarcerated students with the opportunity to receive a quality education.

Lance has continued to engage in local education through running for school board, sitting as the assistant chair of the school district's finance committee and serving as vice president of a high school booster club. Recognized as an education policy and budgetary expert, he is the Vice President of Education Policy and Government Relations at the California Policy Center, long respected as a foundation built on education opportunities and choice. He was also one of the primary architects of the recent school choice initiative that would allow parents to create education savings accounts for state funds to follow the student.


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