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CALIFORNIA’S KIDS ARE IN CRISIS: California Department of Education Continues to Offer Empty Promises

SACRAMENTO, CA (AUGUST 4, 2022) – Earlier today, State Superintendent Tony Thurmond announced new grant opportunities for aspiring mental health clinicians to support California’s struggling students. Lance Christensen released the following response:

“While well intentioned, pledging to add counselors when there are neither enough counselors currently available nor sufficient seats in our colleges and universities to train the future counselors, means that this is another empty promise to families who constantly have to fight for basic educational needs,” stated Christensen.

“We need to remember why so many students are struggling. Tony Thurmond and the Department of Education’s negligence during the pandemic contributed to the poor mental health of our students.”

“Consistently doubling down on failed mitigation strategies, like school lockdowns or mask mandates, only creates more uncertainty and hopelessness for families who have already lost so much. Persisting with an aimless, throw-money-at-the-problem administration will only obstruct timely options to our mental health crisis.”

California continues to spend a record amount of money on education with no academic improvements or discernible results. Lance Christensen is running for Superintendent of Public Instruction to add parents back into the education equation and fund students, not systems.

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