Lance Christensen for Superintendent of Public Instruction


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Scott Carpenter


SACRAMENTO, CA (AUGUST 30, 2022) – Earlier today, the Southern California News Group endorsed Lance Christensen for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. The News Group, which consists of 12 newspapers including: The Orange County Register, The Riverside Press Enterprise, The Los Angeles Daily News and several others released an opinion editorial on Tuesday urging voters replace incumbent Tony Thurmond with Lance Christensen to address our failing education system.

“Most graduates of California’s K-12 system over the past many years haven’t been able to read, write or do math at grade level. On none of these fronts has Thurmond been a leader for California’s kids,” the editorial stated.

“Christensen said his major focus is to put parents back into the education equation and give them freedom over their schools… The money is there. The will is there. California just needs to resist the obstacles from teachers’ unions and advance parent-power reforms. Lance Christensen would do that. He would put kids first.”

This endorsement falls on the heels of an official public challenge to debate issues California’s schools face that Christensen proposed to Thurmond. To date Thurmond has not replied to the invitation have a public forum to justify another term.

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