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Teachers union targeted parents opposing school shutdowns in California

SACRAMENTO, CA (SEPTEMBER 6, 2022) – Newly released public record requests show the California Teachers Association (CTA) spied on parent groups advocating for schools to reopen. California was the last state in the nation to reopen schools following the pandemic. Candidate for California Superintendent of Public Instruction Lance Christensen released the following statement:

“Conducting opposition research is a common practice in political campaigns. But to have the teachers’ union dedicate personnel to politically target moms and dads protecting their own children and expressing their first amendment rights is both startling and disgusting. Entrenched special interests have used their war chests over the last two and a half years to intimidate and threaten anyone who dares to challenge their ineffective reign over public education. This must end,” stated Christensen.

“Why has the largest benefactor of teacher union financial support, incumbent Superintendent Tony Thurmond, not commented on this scandal? I call on Thurmond to condemn and denounce the California Teachers Association in no uncertain terms. Teachers do not deserve to have their union dues paying for spying operations against their friends, neighbors and students’ parents.”

“School closures demanded by these unions have single handedly resulted in decades of learning loss, declining public school enrollment, and the lowest literacy rate in the nation. The good teachers in California want to focus on reading and writing, not cloak and dagger operations that further divide our communities.”

“Teachers who no longer wish to belong to a militant and subversive organization have the right and ethical duty to leave their union under the Janus Supreme Court decision. They can save their money, their sanity and the children they love to teach by doing so.”

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